Aug 8, 2012

Get Your Float On

We received some Broodles this week, funny name, cool product.  As you may have noticed we here at the CRB are pro boat drinking and any new product that comes out and makes our boat drinking easier we are all for it.

We have our stack of Broodles ready to head out to the lake and test this things out.  We have a very strict testing regimen for any products we review.
1)  Was it sent to us for free?
2)  Does it make good lasagna?
3)  Does it assist us in boat drinking?
4)  Can it be used as a weapon to beat on the CRB Minion with?

We are strict but fair in our reviews.

From our 1st look at the Broodle it gets a tentative 3 stars.  Andrew at Broodle Brands did send them to us for free.  The Broodle did not get a star for #2 as when we tried to make lasagna out of it the Broodle just melted into our oven and made the house smell bad.  It does appear like the Broodle will make our boat drinking easier as it comes with a cup holder attached with a magnet.  The beer did fall out of the cup holder when The Rowboat Abides shot it with a shot gun while screaming something about getting off his porch, but we rarely have shot guns or The Rowboat Abides out on the boat with us.  (his rocking chair is to damn difficult to get into the boat)  The Broodle gets a 3rd star as it was a good weapon for beating on the Minion.

So from our Cursory review we give the Broodle 3 out of 4 stars.  If they make it out of tasty cookable materials we will up that to 4 out of 4 stars.

You can pick one of these up at Broodle Brands shop right here.

We will post a full review after we get them out on the water, its tough to get out on the lake when we live in this homeless shelter.

Check out the Broodle at their website here.

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