Aug 17, 2012

Footstock is for Crazies (32 pics)

Every year in late August endurance barefooters from around the country converge the small town of Crandon WI.  These guys are as crazy as it gets.  The boats drive in a large figure 8 pattern with one full 8 covering something like 2 miles.  They have a saying "the only thing that hurts worse then losing is winning", and that is no joke, several guys have burned holes deep thru the pads of their feet. (see pic right after the jump).  They have several divisions; seniors, womens and open.  The women and seniors can enter the open division if they think they can hack it, but then you have twice as many runs...which is a bad idea!  

The tournament is a big party and the barefooters are not only crazy in the head but crazy good.  

Footstock pics continue after the jump.

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