Jul 24, 2012

Yay Tights!

The largest water ski tournament in the world for years has been the Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament. Many people make fun of show skiers for wearing silly costumes and so on but the skiing is really cool. Plus those show skiers know how to throw a party. The CRB crew headed up to the land of cheese again this year to catch the party. Over 4,000 pulls in 4 days, that's huge, but the crowds were bigger, probably 5-7 thousand on the beach for the bigger shows.

They bring the beer in by the truck load and those cheese heads can drink. I think we are all still hungover and the Minion is possibly still in jail up there, we kinda forgot about him. No great loss though.

Show skiers use mostly outboard engines and it seems the engine of choice is the Evinrude Etec engines.  There were a couple with 3 300s on them, 900 hp...crazy.  This clip was posted by Evinrude on their facebook page.

The following clip is a highlight vid from the winning team, The Mad-City Ski Team.

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