Jul 16, 2012

Vid Day Monday

One of the best TV shows on regular cable TV had its season premier last night. Breaking Bad has taken Bryan Cranston from the goofy dad in Malcom In The Middle to a murdering, drug dealing sociopath...bit of a change of direction. If you have some free time the Los Angeles Review of Books has a fantastic review on Breaking Bad.  There are only a few shows being made for TV right now that are actually worth watching; Game of Thrones, Mad Men...Yea I can't think of any others right now because every station makes complete crap and people eat it up like the abortion that is Two and a Half Men and other bullshit like that.  People keep using numbers and rankings to point out that our education system does not work when all they have to do to prove our country is falling into a pit of stupidity is turn on a TV to MTV, TLC, or any of the other stations out there actually.  Even the History Channel that was once a bastion of intelligent tv is now a quagmire of idiocy and panders to the lowest common denominator.

Some argue that Breaking Bad promotes drugs and drug dealing, but those that say that obviously have never actually watched the show as it is more a show.  So if you are going to argue that then go stick your head in a hole or watch 16 and Pregnant on MTV, those two things are equivalent.

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