Jul 6, 2012

Lake Trout Carry Out

So we have slacked off for awhile on the Lake Trout but it is summertime...so stop bitching and go skiing.  Ok on to the CRB link dump.

It appears a 53 year old ski club in Australia is in a life or death battle for their site and are pitted against Emma Sheers of pro skiing fame.  Beyond what this article states I know nothing about this situation but from the sound of it the local government has screwed over the ski club and if it were  not Emma starting the ski school it would be someone else.  So don't hate on Emma.

A high school baseball star has turned down partial scholarship offers from D-1 schools to instead attend Texas State to ski.  The authors understanding of collegiate skiing is poor, but the baseball players understanding is not much better.  He calls college skiing an "individual sport" and says it has "no pressure".  F That Noize Bro, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Who's got the beers?!?!  Oh...I overslept my round?  Damn...

The Tommy Bartletts Ski Show in Wisconsin celebrated its 60th anniversary recently, they are the 2nd oldest continually active ski show (that I know of).  The video on this article shows several old bartletts skiers, some in their 70s are still out skiing.

Another article with a vid I can not embed...WTH news peeps?  The Twin City River Rats of Minniapolis MN ski in the Mississippi River, which is nasty and smells like a sewer, so props to them!  The article is a series about how people stay in shape, and hell yea waterski girls have awesome bodies.

Karina Nowlen
Slalom Ski Mag drops some tips on you.

This article about an astronaut being killed on a PWC came up in a search for "Water-Ski" on google.  News agencies need to stop lumping our sport in with the idiots that race around on those damn things.  The story is sad though as it was his son on the PWC that hit and killed him.

The Junior and 17-20 year old US teams have been selected.  I could read the post and find out more info but more and more recently I feel that USAWS cares to much about international competiton and has given up pushing growth in the sport.  There will be fewer and fewer talented juniors coming up unless they get their shit together over on Holy Cow road.

A young star is on the rise in Malaysia, 8 years old and stomping the local competition.  She is on her way to France to train with the French team and compete in some international tournaments.


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