Jun 26, 2012

Wake Brothers is Brotherly

MTV is going to be airing a new TV show with the Soven brothers, called Wake Brothers.  Its looks like its going to be about these two dudes, and they live together and are hella good on wakeboards and the tom-foolery that they do whilst being hella good wakeboarders.

Knowing that this is probably 100% real with nothing scripted, knowing that no reality show is ever staged or scripted, this looks to be pretty cool.  *sarcasm*

This is a really cool thing, though, for the wakeboarding world, get some recognizable names out there in the world is never a bad thing.  oh, and it appeared there were some pretty girls.  Blah blah blah, words.  Here, watch the video.

Wake Brothers from Rachel Tash on Vimeo.

Random side note, I am starting to think that the whole "bro" thing is getting a bit fucked out.  BROstock was like, last weekend or the weekend before or whatever, and, well, I really have no over riding opinion, its just so damn cheesy.

On the other hand, the above mentioned tv shows is about actual brothers, like, they have the same parents, vs. brothas which are usually reffered to in that way as they have a different pigmentation in their skin then bros..

*head asplodes*

{h/t to alliance wakeboard}

1 comment:

  1. broback brobama
    bronan obrien
    brosteif stalin
    bro-delehy whoo, bro delehee haaa


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