Jun 11, 2012

Vid Day Monday

This is not a normal video for us to post but this show rules and its season is over. We here at the CRB have been in a deep funk over this, what will we do on our Sunday nights now? I mean besides get drunk on PBR and Franzia behind the Cum and Go on Main St in Cedar Rapids IA? Life Jacket is in the intensive care unit after trying to over dose on Flintstones vitamins, Dig Dug has gone on a digging safari to the center of the earth, CRB Minion is still in prison, and ODBF has given up all hope and just cries like a 13 year old girl that just found out Justin Beiber is gay.

Play this first vid during the opening credits of any show ever made and it makes it 10 times better.
Mad Men? Just won every emmy ever.
Sopranos? The series ending is no longer awful.
American Idol? Still sucks but now you watch it with Jessica Alba on a love seat.
All other reality TV? Just kill yourself for watching that trash anyways.
The Khardasians? Die in a fire you waste of space.

Bad ass fight scene.

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