Jun 1, 2012

Mike Seipel and Real Bare Footing

I saw Mike Seipel barefoot years ago, guy can do things on the water that just blow your mind.  And the best part is he did it all with out the cheater super high pylon like all they use today.  The footers today need to watch this and stop being pussies.  Putting a pylon 15 feet above the boat and swinging on it around the boat is just pussy shit and it looks stupid anyways.  This stuff is what footing needs to get back to.

So note to footers, stop being pussies and get back to real footing.  


  1. god damn, the back toe bomb out thing was sweeeet!!

  2. To top it all over there is knee boarding. You can always tell a vid from the 80s or 90s by the sweet knee boarding tricks


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