Jun 27, 2012

Lake Homes I Want To Ski Past (20 pics)

Many of us in the waterski world got into skiing because we lived on public lakes and quickly realized that fishing was fucking boring.  I've always liked skiing on public lakes and checking out the houses along the shore.  I would look at some of these places and think "man this is the life".  There was a bay on a lake I liked skiing on that every house was at a minimum worth 2 million bucks.  It was just cool to go footing or swerve or whatever you felt like doing and see these perfect homes.    

Many more sweet lake homes after the jump.


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    never mind ski past, I plan to own at least one of those places.

  2. The boat houses are awesome. Its so cool you can just get up walk downstairs and hope in your boat.


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