Jun 13, 2012

Just Do It

Sometimes it seems like things take forever to happen, or seem so far away. Sitting and waiting for things to happen is a great way to waste your life. If you add up all the time you have spent sitting in front of a computer screen or a TV in your life you would probably cry. I know for me that number is probably in the years...and that is just disappointing.

I am not saying you should not watch TV ever or sit in front of a computer, because Game of Thrones and Mad Men kick ass and many of us need the dollars that our bosses pay us to sit and stare blankly at a computer monitor for 8 hours a day. I am saying use those free hours where your boss does not own you to do something fun every day. Fun can be many things, it can be racing out to the lake after work to get in a jump or slalom set, it can be going for a bike ride in a new part of your hometown or even starting a small business so you can be your own boss someday. Whatever it is get out and do it, don't let life eat you up and take away your dreams.

The CRB has a friend that has traveled the world, she is not rich, just works her ass off saves up money and then travels. She has skied in England and New Zealand, climbed mountains in Africa, hiked in the Balkans, toured Italy, lived in a Castle in Scotland, seen the lights of many great European cities at night, surfed the waters of Australia and so much more. My jealousy of her is at a level that I did not know existed, it is even greater then my jealousy of anyone that gets to sleep with Kate Upton.

There is a series of quotes in the video below that fit my point perfectly.

The CRB follows a guy named Alex Luther on Twitter. We have never met him or even talked to him, but he knows what he wants and is pushing himself to get there. His grandfather skied for 5,010 kilometers from Tangiers (on the African side of the straight of Gibraltar) along the coasts of Spain, France, Monaco, Italy and Croatia until his ending point on the east coast of Italy. Alex wants to repeat that trek. He had never even skied before so his training is intense and inspiring. He realized one day that this would be cool and said 'fuck it, lets do this shit'*

*not an actual quote

So to each and every one of you, our readers (all 7 of you), take a chance and do what the CRB's friend and Alex Luther have done and say "fuck it, lets do this shit".

Chasing Canguro blog

Alex Luther Twitter

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