Apr 2, 2012

Vid Day Monday

This is the Wake and Flake cable wake board event that was held at Trophy Lakes a couple weeks ago. There is something at this event that you don't see at 90% of water ski events...FUN!!! The reason the LA Night Jam is a ton of fun is because they show awesome skiing, have lots of booze and music. Most events are boring, its slalom for 6 hours and then some poorly announced jump. We will never rival wake boarding for sponsor dollars if that is our approach.


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Not so sure, It would be better if they had more end course video and 20 or so old judges watching the gates

  2. well that is a good point. Let me rethink this...

    I've got it, lets do the same boring ass thing we have been doing on private lakes with slalom all day! Hell yea, that will pack the beach.

    Yay sarcasm


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