Apr 23, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Wake surfing is awesome when your down for something different on the lake. The wakes you throw across the lake are a pain in the ass for other skiers but screw those people, I AM THE ONLY PERSON THAT MATTERS!! But with that said, wake surfing is a blast, if you have not tried it bust out a board, dump a ton of weight in one corner of the back of your boat and tear it up.

Note to wake surfers: Please don't go to the one calm bay on a public lake and screw it up for everyone else. You just look like a dick when you do that.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    A W S O M E !!!

    The guy does the same three tricks over and over and over again, meanwhile burning up 800 gallons of gas and TOTALLY SCREWING UP tthe lake all around him for everyone else. !!!! Yeah Way cool. !!

    1. I did point out in the post that wake surfers need to avoid the skiers on the lake. I do agree that sometimes they just wreck it for the rest of us, but so do tubers, wakeboarders, trick skiers...other skiers in general. Man do I just hate all other water skiers! THE LAKE IS ALL MINE!!! GET OFF MY LAWN /waves shotgun around

    2. Anonymous8:47 PM

      yes you did
      yes you did

      my favorite watersporters (i just coined that word) are dick wakeboarders who tool up and down the lake subs blasting with NOBODY RIDING BEHIND THE BOAT !!

      turn it down douchebag

      wear some headphones

      get a kayak

      do donuts around the BASS BOATS not the SKIERS

    3. We call wake boarders douchbags on here for a reason! Most of them are, of course so are most slalom skiers. bunch of slalom pussies screwing up the lake with their small waves and straight line passes. Dick heads.


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