Mar 28, 2012

Pro Athletes and Big Houses (26 pics)

Adrian Beltre

Our sport seems to be slowly growing in popularity again, good crowds at a few of the tournaments in the past couple years, a little better media attention then we had seen in quite a while as well. If we keep this up all of our pros can get together and buy the guest house at one of these. To get our sport to the point where we can truly have a full pro water ski tour that actually pays enough for our elite to make a decent living we need to look outside the sport. Bring in a large sponsor again, we once had companies like Coors and Budweiser as sponsors. Our boat companies can not put up enough to get us beyond where we are. There are few sports with as high of an average income as water skiers have, how about Net Jet or Gulfstream? The Leer Jet Open sounds good to me! Also we like to drink (we as in the collective we, not just the CRB we) so how about the Jack Daniels Invite or the Bud Light Open?

Alex Rodriguez

Lots more awesome houses after the jump. Click the link yo!

Ana Kournikova

Carmelo Anthony

Carson Palmer

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Beckham

Derek Jeter

Dwayne Wade

Dwight Howard

Jerry Rice

Joe Montana

Lebron James

Manny Pacquiao

Michael Jordan

Michael Schumacher

Peyton Manning

Phil Mickelson

Ray Allen

Sean Peyton


Shawn Green

Terrell owens

Tiger Woods

Venus and Serena Williams

Wayne Rooney

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