Mar 21, 2012

Olympic Water Skiing

Brian Detrick found this interesting vid and Ball Of Spray beat me to posting it (damn you Horton). It makes a point that I started arguing a few years back, cable skiing is our only shot at getting into the Olympics. The 1972 Munich Olympics are mostly only remembered for the murder of the Israeli athletes by Arab terrorists from the PLO, but water skiers should also remember it as what should have been the end of our quest to get our sport into the games.

The German water ski federation along with the World Water Ski Union (precursor to the IWSF) were able to get skiing in to the games as an exhibition sport. This was our chance to shine and show how we were ready to compete on the largest world stage there was. Instead of shining they held the event in one of the roughest locations one could imagine, the national federations fought each other and in general acted like babies and the skiing was sub par even considering the conditions. In the end the World Olympic community was less then impressed by our sports lackluster presentation and then to top it all over no one wanted to remember anything about the games after what happened in the Olympic village and on the airport runway to the Israeli athletes.

We were unlucky to have chosen a games when the PLO decided to commit such a vile act against those that should have been covered by the Olympic peace but our disaster of an event on all fronts showed the WOC that they had no reason to look into allowing a motorized sport back in.

Now Cable wake boarding seems to have a small chance at making it which if it works for wake boarding their is also a small chance that cable 3 event could make it as well. Some day maybe we will see Zach Worden and Alex Lauratano standing on the Olympic podium with gold medals around their necks. Of course, they will have to head over to OWC and learn how it rolls. And USAWS will have to get their heads out of their asses and get out of the mindset that has led our sport to waste piles of money for a dream that will never be over these past 40 years.

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