Mar 12, 2012

Vid Day Monday

Freddy going huge is something we have all seen before on many vids, but to see it in person is incredible. But that is not why we posted this vid today, what is special about this vid is the guy on the bike stopping to watch. This is a perfect example of why skiing in public locations is the best way to get our sport back out there, to show people how freaking cool skiing really is. The Malibu Open the last two years in Milwaukee Wisconsin has had the same ability to draw people off the street like Moomba does. The US Open at Downtown Disney did this as well. People will be going about their normal day, wandering by or out for a bike ride, and come across one of our events, they will stop and watch for a bit, they will catch Freddy going 220 feet or Jimmy stomping trick flips like a boss, or Nate rocking a few buoys at 41 off, and just maybe they will remember to come back the next year and watch the whole event. Maybe they will be interested enough to teach their kids how to ski or go to a ski school to learn this sport that drew their attention and caused them to sit and watch for an hour or two on that warm sunny day they were out for a quick bike ride.

I talked to some people at the Malibu Open last year that had seen the tournament while driving by the first year and had stopped for a few minutes to watch then decided to come down and watch for a few hours when they heard it was back again. It has come to a point where we need to leave the private lake pro events in our past and come back to the people, bring our sport out it the open, leave the private lakes for practice.


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