Mar 8, 2012

CRB NCAA BB Domination Pool

It is that time of year again, no we don't mean the return of warm weather and water ski season, we mean the return of the world famous CRB NCAA Basket Ball Domination Pool!  Hellz yea!  Lets do this!


You know you want to match your wits against the greatest blog in water ski history. Come match your wits with the ODBF, Dig Dug, Life Jacket, Rowboat Abides *RIP*, CRB Minion *prison*, Norm from the AP department and all the rest of the CRB staff.

Join the pool right HERE  <---------- Click there bro!

Password for the pool is CRB

Starting on Sunday you can complete your bracket but you can register anytime. DO IT NOW!

The winner of the pool gets a CRB T-shirt, we would show you said T-shirt but we have not made them yet. So for now just imagine it being so coolest thing in your wardrobe and how you will wear it every day.
The shirt will probably look nothing like this.  

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