Controversy is Fun

This pic shows Billy Susi at 5 ball at the Moomba Masters this past weekend. The judges say he did not round the ball and this pic is causing many to question the ruling. We don't even see the buoy.  What do you think?

Head bands for all!!
Billy has Tweeted this pic saying Moomba is returning his protest fee, so it would appear that they agree he did go around the buoy, bit late for that judgement to help. But as a Cubs fan I can say "There is always next year".
Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    In that case Nate Smith is not a real winner, because this way he shouldn't had qualified to semi-finals!!!!!!!

    1. Hmmmm....Interesting. Kinda shitty how this turned out. I would not say Nate is not the winner as this was the official ruling at the time. Just because there is a bad call in a football game that changes the outcome of the game we do not say that the team that gets a mark in the loss column actually won.

    2. of course he is the real winner. Shit happens in real life.

    3. you can't go backwards through time to fix a mistake. you do the best with what you have and move on, its no fair to Nate to say he isn't the real winner, because that takes away from his accomplishments. He has no say in what judges do. If anything, you say, "damn, sucks for billy, we will look into what can be done in the future" and you move on.

  2. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Where is the ball in the picture I can't see it?

    1. That is the issue I have with this picture as well. I don't see this pic as conclusive as we can not see the buoy, he could have run it over and its underwater, or its behind him on the other side of the spray. No way to really know.


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