Mar 30, 2012

Chasing Canguro (43 pics)

Alex Luther is the great grandson of Harry Luther who completed one of the most epic water ski marathons in history.  He started in Tangiers, Morocco and ended in Cervia on the east coast of Italy, a trip of 5010 km, that is 3113 miles.  This means he started on the Atlantic coast of Morocco traveled thru the straight of Gibralter, up the coast of Spain, past the Mediteranian coast of France and Monaco, down the west coast of Italy, around the boat and up the Adriatic coast of Italy to his final destination.  Doing all of this behind a outboard twin rigged Spirit 166 called the "Miss Pepsi" on a single ski.  The whole trip took 10 days and 5 hours to complete.   

All of the pictures are from Alex's blog Chasing Canguro and show pictures and news clippings from his grandfathers marathon ski run and new pictures from his training for his attempt to complete the same run.  Alex is either crazy or is just looking to wreck his body, but either way its bad ass.  

Lots more pics after the jump

Stephen Robertson was killed in a ski race in Australia

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  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    What a fantastic story! I'm lucky enough to know this inspiring man. Good Luck Luther on your journey!


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