Feb 20, 2012

Vid Day Monday

90% of all public lake water skiers have at some point found a rope swing and rocked it out. Even some private lakes have rope swings, at Coble's there was one back in the woods near a cool ledge you could jump off of. April and Chris might not have been all that happy if they knew we were taking their golf carts back into the woods to jump off ledges, swing on a old ropes and get stuck in muddy ruts that pushed the limit between a rut and a trench. Whatever, it was awesome.

Well I digress back tot he video at hand, rope swings are crazy fun, but this rope swing makes anything any of us have ever seen look like a barbie doll swing. Freaking sweet, I want this in my back yard, right next to the snow half pipe I built*.

*my back yard is smaller then most bathrooms, so there is no half pipe. /sad face

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