Feb 24, 2012

Lake Trout Carry Out

The New Zealand open runs this weekend in Auckland. The tourny this year will also be holding the Demon Energy NZ Open Night Jump, which is a freaking awesome name. Also someone at the NZ Herald might want to look at a calendar as Saturday is Feb 25th not the 26th, but fact checking and proof reading articles is boring and so on.

Lake Ginnenderra is being tested as a water ski site by the Canberra city government as the only other site in the city authorized for skiing has been closed much of the last few years due to flooding and sandbars. Wait...there are cities that take an active roll working with water skiers?? Damn, that would be a change.

Boat sales in January got a nice boost from the boat show season. Lets hope this trend continues and we can get back rolling. Or you could take MasterCrafts route and build a bunch of gigantic piles of crap and call them wakeboard boats, then hope those somehow save you. At least MC still has the 197 which is a bad ass boat.

Texas is awesome, where else would you find a wake board park and shooting range in the same complex?

Look at the picture in this article and tell me that wake board boats were causing all of the shore erosion...idiots. Their city council denied a 5 year old wake board school a permit to keep operating claiming shore line erosion as the main factor in their decision.

Snohomish County in Washington is likely to deny a new company, H3o, a permit to use a public park for a wake board park. Sounds like the group is a bit unorganized and are meeting resistance to use a tax payer funded park for a private enterprise.

We have talked about cable skiing being an increasingly important part of the waterski industry in the past, and it appears that USAWS is attempting to get involved now. Their method of getting their foot in the door is to ask cable skiers in the US to pay their own way and go to Austria to represent the US at the Cable Worlds. Odd approach...

Mitt Romney was in a meeting once when his son said he had lost a ski on the lake, Mitt left the meeting and spent an hour and a half helping him find the ski. No political point here, but at least Mitt and his family are skiers.

Lake County, Orlando area, are talking about putting Jack Travers into the Lake County sports hall of fame. Hell yes he deserves it, guy is one of the best coaches there is in skiing.


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