Jan 11, 2012

Waterski World University Championship

On Thursday at 13:00 the world university championship kicks off in Santiago Chile. 13:00...what time zone are they in? I could google it but damn it doing work is for suckers! Our boy Tony Lightfoot is on site, so we assume this will be webcast... And the webcast that will be starting at some time and going until some other time. We would give you more info but the website is shit and we can not find any info about it.

So instead of real info here is one of Tony's interviews.

More interviews and vids are going up all day long. CHECK IT

If the US was smart they would have just sent the Hope College Wrecking Crew to drop the peoples elbow on all those other candy ass countries, but they are not...so instead we get a bunch of random really good skiers. ODBF needs to be in charge of this stuff. The US would take every medal and drop the most epic beat down since the Tide proved that LSU has a shitty QB.

Brian Detrick (Saint Mary's College)
Alex Lauretano (ULM)
Tyler Lorenz (UW Madison)
Lauren Morgan (Florida Southern)
Adam Pickos (ULM)
Dylan Schaffer (Alabama)

******update****** WEBCAST IS RIGHT HERE

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