Jan 9, 2012

Vid Day Monday

1950s era ad for the original fiberglass skis. I had a pair of Stinger Jumpers a few years ago, those things were not really designed for speed. Take a whip on them and they would start vibrating, go fast enough and they would stop and you just launch out of them. Seems like a good idea to use them for distance jumping... Face plants on the ramp are fun, just ask Kyle Dammeyer.


  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Wow! I worked for Kimball waterskis years ago. My job was to make the Hexcel-LaPoint-Ajax slalom skis a mass produced item. Hmmm, I didn't last long there. But the BART trains have some nice fiberglass parts which made Kimball enough money that he didn't have to make waterskis anymore. They also had the molds for the excellent old EP Comp 1 slalom ski. Next time I'm in Stockton I should see if any of that old classic stuff is still there.

  2. I have skied on one of the EP Comp 1 skis. Not a bad ski.


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