Jan 13, 2012

Symphony of Wakeboard Wipeouts

C-Tates in an aquatic environment, his natural habitat, bro.
One of the cool things about technology, is making really good HD cameras that can go in the water and also that are generally affordable for the majority of us.  Like, the gopro camera and the like, you get cool videos, movies and things to watch while you are stuck in a cubicle farm waiting to die.

Now, the flipside to all this awesomeness, all the amazing skiers doing amazing things to entertain us, the slobbering masses with out mountain dew and fast food and snuggies, is that after all the cool we see, comes the fantastic crashes.

Thankfully, followmeknow.com, put together this bitchen collection of wakeboard wipeouts and it does not disappoint.  Of special note, the 1:38 point of the video (see banner pic above) a guy takes a spill off his wakeskate so hard it made our heads hurt.  Click past the jump to experience the pain.

They Fall Too from FollowMeNow on Vimeo.

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