Jan 31, 2012

Most Skiers EVA!!!

154 people were went skiing in Australia a few days ago. Only thing that makes this special is they were all behind one boat. 154 people skiing on combos makes it on the national news, while the awesomeness that is Freddy, Alex, Will and the rest of them never make it on the national news.

What are we doing wrong?


Why are events like the LA Night Jam or the Masters not on ESPN?

Because people are morons and want stupid human tricks and dancing shows with celebrities who have no actual skills beyond making sex tapes with crappy rappers or being annoying on faked "reality" shows. This country is full of idiots. Also because ESPN is awful now...

At the same time good for the Aussies for getting skiing on tv, even if it is viewed as stupid human tricks to pacify the idiotic masses by the media.

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  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    this record needs to be in wisconsin. I think we need to get all the ski teams in the state to do this on lake michigan with 300+ skiers.

  2. You show skiers could do that. Grab a Lake Michigan ferry and do it up. This vid is of the Marquette college team skiing behind the Lake Express ferry. http://youtu.be/y8IKIW6qTyM


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