Jan 4, 2012

Just Build a Bigger Park, Duh!

what a typical crowd at LegoLand may look like
The holidays are big travel days and vacation days for most people, at least those people who have jobs that let them get the hell out of the office once and awhile.  

*glares at boss*
*fills coffee cup with Jameson*

Anyways, the holiday time is a big time of the year for theme parks, especially the ones in central florida, Orlando area, where the families get out their Canyoneros, pile in the kids and go see Mickey.  Of note, just outside of Orlando is Legoland, what used to be Cypress Gardens, which we have all sort of watched with curiosity to see if this ownership group, if this time it would be done right and would have some staying power, and if this holiday season is any indication, they appear to be on the right track
Legoland, which opened in October on the site of the former Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, said it closed its parking lot at around 12:30 p.m., and officially stopped allowing guests into the park at 1:25 p.m. It extended its operating hours until 8:30 p.m. — an hour and a half later than normal.

"We're definitely busy, and you can definitely feel that we're full. However, people are still smiling and having a great day," Legoland spokeswoman Jackie Wallace said.
This of course, begs the question, if your park is built out of legos, why not just build your park bigger!

Haha, good one dig dug.

One thing though, while we are at it, in the movie H20 Extreme, *puts on tapout tshirt, drinks a mtn dew, sky surfs*, it was somehow intimated that every skier in the worlds dream is to ski for Cypress Gardens and there were always a billion people there to watch the ski shows and what not.  If that was the case, how on earth would that place have gone through all those ownership groups and eventually become legoland?

Its like I cant believe everything I see in the movies anymore!!!  Like, some H20 Extreme competition exists where dudes fly a kite and then fall into the water for a back deep up.  Its just silly!  I was lead to believe that Cypress Gardens was equal to, if not bigger then Disney World because the guy from Boy Meets World can do a sick whirlybird.

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