Jan 17, 2012

Epic Boats Makes Strong Case for Official CRBoat

enyce, enyce, enyce
A couple days ago on Epic Boats flickr account they posted the above picture of some speakers that had cool lighting around them and we thought to ourselves, "hmm, that seems pretty cool" and then we thought, "how is it that no one has jammed hella speakers in the back of a boat like this before" and then we thought, "why on earth would anyone do this?"

Well, thankfully, we do live in quite the social media world and we came across a picture that further "illuminates" (pun alert!) the situation!

pictured: two boats.  One has lights, one is full of ninjas
From what we have gathered, the led lights or whatever is used is located behind the gelcoat to make the boat glow like that.  You can shoot over to either Greg Smiths facebook (link) or to the Epic Flickr account for some more pics if you so desire.

Our one beef with this, and its maybe a minor quibble, but, we do enjoy late night frolicking and general jackassery on the waters and it will be way harder to be sneaky in a boat that is glowing bright orange.  Sure, that seems like a small issue, but, legit.

Never the less, we haven't seen anything stating that this will actually make its way into production but, hey, we haven't got our electric or diesel or hybrid boats yet, but, what the hell, this is a fun step forward!!


  1. this might attract the lake cops to our late night shenanegans. Because the fact we are busting out power turns and naked barefooting would not attract them on its own

  2. did someone say ninja?

  3. Anonymous6:13 PM

    yes, the picture did

  4. i believe the picture actually said, and I may be paraphrasing, "ask not what your country can do for you, but, what you can do with your delicious footlong steak and cheese"


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