Dec 29, 2011

This Boat Will Rock Your Socks Off

Sammy LOVES his new woody
If there is one thing on our bucket list that is probably not within our technical grasp, would be to restore, from the ground up, a classic Chris Craft...a woody if you will.  The process of replacing wood, re-doing the stringers, the motor, the wiring, all that is required to properly restore a classic woody to its original glory. 

Additionally, you will probably have to either replace or rebuild the motor, which sounds fun in theory, but, you probably wont have the right tools, you will get confused and some of the bolts are rusty and sometimes you slip and hit your god damn hand on something and it bleeds and hurts and then you throw the socket wrench across the garage and it puts a big hole in the god damn drywall which you have to patch up and your wife is mad and this is bullshit gahhh!!!!

Never the less, it seems that some students at Tennessee Technical Center-Nashville and Nashville State Community College have gone about this project, a total restoration, the right way and with a bitchin huge motor, the 5.6L V8 from an Infinity QX56 Canyonero.
Brockman continued, “Before the future Infiniti lake cruiser can return to the water, we’ve had to tear it down to virtually nothing and start building it back up with fresh wood… Ultimately, it looks like we’ll have to replace nearly 85 percent of the original wood, one piece at a time, due to age and rot.” Brockman adds, “When the 20-foot Chris-Craft Holiday model was introduced in 1962, it was said to be one of the best performing Chris-Craft hulls ever produced. It cornered well, was easy to come on plane and was often used in nationally sanctioned water skiing events for just those reasons. We can’t wait to see how this classic design performs with the new engine.” 
When the mahogany speedboat is complete, a custom boat trailer to match a 2012 Infiniti QX56 will also be built.
That sounds pretty awesome, all though, we could have thought of a couple better options for a powerplant then the V8 from an Infinity, like, the supercharged V8 from a Vette ZR1, or maybe a big diesel from a semi, but, thats just picking at some nits, this whole thing seems pretty cool and be interesting to see if they incorporate any of the cool electronic gizmos from the actual donor vehicle into the woody.

Also, the pics in that article show part of the resto process.

hey bro, that is totally not going to float!
A Chris Craft and a massive Infinity QX56, a big boat and a big boat, I bet they handle the same!  ZING!

Note to the people behind this project, the CRB would love to be on hand and take a ride when you are done, just give us a call at 311 and let us know when to show up...we will bring the cheeze its and beer.

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