Dec 29, 2011

There are Lots of Lakes to Ski on

Oh hello there, nice to see you...I don't think that we have met before, but, my name is Rocko, and I am a Cessna 172 airplane.  Often times people confuse me with many different things, it could be something like a Cessna 152 and I am all like "pssh, that only has two seats you fool!", sometimes i get confused with a bass boat, which is real odd because I can barely float!!

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello.  It gets a bit lonely up here in the air, and cold, but, you do get some really impressive views.

For example, just the other day I flew over your moms house.  haha, thats some airplane humor right there sir.

But, no, what I really wanted to share with you is of the things you learn, is that there are many many lakes that you can see when you are flying around that you can totally ski on.

Like, here, take a look at this.

You may think, yeah, thats nice Rocko, but, that looks like Bennetts ski school and you cant fool me.

HO HO HO, you would be wrong sir, that is in fact a naturally occurring lake in the South Dakota foothills, it is there just as god and nature and witchcraft intended it to be, it is certainly NOT Bennetts ski school in fact, I cant fly in those hot conditions, my blades get all gunky.

Here, look, this is another picture i took as i circled around.

Yep, that blue water...and the other blue colored water is totally normal, thats how the water in South Dakota is, its various shades of blue, something to do with the clay in the ground or maybe, thats just how my camera works or something, i am really not super tech smart.

I wanted to stay longer and take more pictures, but, it was getting late and i am not certified to fly at night, my instruments may get night.

So, what I am saying is that...there are more lakes out there in the world to ski on then you are aware of.  You just have to look.

I know that may not help with your impending divorce, but, there are more lakes to ski on, you know, fish in the sea, lakes to ski on.  Ha, a little aquatic themed humor.

Ok, well, have a nice day.

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