Dec 2, 2011

Go Fast

Stole this from Johnny Hardcore Harmon's facebook. He commented "if these boys cant make a living doing what they do then waterskiing stands no chance". Not a terrible point, but we just have to change our approach and push events that do have the ability to draw the dollas.

Johnny is one of the best waterski drivers I have ever ridden with, dude has solid skills. I have also drank with him, and again, dude has solid skills! He asked me once why I was not working at bennetts, I did not have an answer at the time. I do now, its because there is no money in ski school coaching, you can make a living owning the school, but if you want to work at those schools you better have no outside expenses or a solid trust fund. I coached for 4 years at another school (if you want to know which one just dig back into my old posts, I talk about it) and I was broke as a joke the whole time. I now sit at a desk and stare at numbers all day long because this is where the money is. There are lots of guys like me in the world, not enough dollas to support ourselves in the ski world so we drift off to the real world. And the real world sucks.

Once we figure out how to make it so those of us that love the sport can make a living in it, then we will have a chance. Until then we will just have to post vids from the sidelines.

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