Nov 11, 2011

Musical Friday - Memory Journey Edition V.5

To finish up our little journey down memory lane in musical form, we have some Dave Matthews.

Now, we have never had a chance to see this dude in concert despite being pretty much the exact demographic.  This song, "Don't Drink the Water", besides being god damn awesome, is also really funny as a waterskier because you can always say, "hey man, don't drink the water...there is blood in the water" and even if it isn't true they will go, "oh jesus!" until they realize you are just a figment of their imagination.  Or are they???

Anyways, we would imagine that most waterski type people had a hard time evading Dave in some way shape or form...or Phish or something similar.  Which is fine, but, jesus man!  Give it a rest!  Put on some metal and lets get our mosh on in this bitch!

Is that drummer guy wearing a no fear shirt? and not even just a no fear shirt but a dirt bike rider guy style shirt? dude, step it up, your better then that!

Speaking of which, can we all just agree to never again speak about No Fear and Big Johnson and Big Dog and all those astonishingly moronic t-shirts from back in the day?

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax!  Oh My God!  It says sex on it!  I am so cool!  Jesus man, do you know where the money goes that you spent on that shirt?  It goes to Italy!!  Probably the same people that do Tapout and Ed Hardy shit, lord Almighty we are idiots.

Like, do you ever look at old pictures of yourself and think, holy god...why didn't someone kick my ass?  I look like a dickhole.  Well, probably because we all did, but, there wasn't facebook and whatever to provide an accurate mirror into our own idiocy.

Maybe thats why goth people have it right...just dress in all black and say screw it, pretty hard to go wrong wearing all black all the time.  Then again, the black eye shadow and trench coat is awfully hot in the summer, and you probably feel like a dipshit trying to coordinate eye shadow and black nail polish with your neon green skurfer.

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