Nov 11, 2011

Musical Friday - Memory Journey Edition V.4

When we were in high school...and actually, while pretty much everyone was in high school we all had various places we knew we could where we would listen to music, get our drink on and not worry to much about being hassled by the man.  Lucky for us we had a place like that, actually a few of them now that we think about it, but, one in particular sticks out.  You drove down this winding dirt road and there was a big grain silo and a fire pit, and we would have a bon-fire, drink whatever we could talk our buddies older aunt/sister/something into buying for us and then drive around like idiots.

Now, we think, that area became part of some sub division and our spot is probably some uptight late 20's douchebags kitchen where him and his stepford wife plan out their family and mini van and weekends at their relatives in wine country or something.  Ugh, screw you man, i got a bottle md 20/20 with my name on it and a shitty pickup to drive into a ditch.

And we probably have to thank the beasties for being there with us, thanks MCA and Mike D and Ad Rock for a soundtrack to our eventual liver problems and failed marriages!!

Speaking of which, if you are lucky enough to grow up on a lake or on a private ski lake situation or something or in an area where you have some space, count your blessings.  You have some area to go experiment and get drunk and do whatever without hopping in your car and driving around like an idiot.

The more you know!

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