Nov 11, 2011

Musical Friday - Memory Journey Edition V.3

A while back we were at a bar that had a god damn karaoke machine set up...more specifically a guy would come in with a whole set up and people would wail like a bunch of dipshits...and yes, we have got up and rocked the mic like a boss, but, karaoke in general is a pretty bad idea.

Short story long, one time this dude requests this song, Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden and we all just sort of prepare of a abomination of singing and spectacle and as god as your witness this dude just nailed this song.  Hitting all the high notes, playing to the people, stomping around like he owned the place.  It was so awesome, we all stood up and cheered.  Then some idiot did the Bette Davis Eyes song and butchered it and ruined the vibe.

Do you have to be all devil worship and what-not if you are in a band like this when you are out at Target buying diapers and birdseed?  Or can you put on normal t-shirts and jeans and a hat and just be a random dude with unfortunate tattoos and a ass-load of us!

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