Nov 11, 2011

Musical Friday - Memory Journey Edition V.2

Speaking of teleporting in time, does anyone remember Blue October?  The song Hate Me came out in 2006 and for some reason, every damn morning for a month waking up it would be on the radio.  Lets make this clear, there is nothing better then starting your day off with an emo guy blaming himself for a break up with a girl..and not even being sarcastic, some dude bitching about a break up IS a good way to wake up.  "yo, this dude is way worse off then is going to rule!!" and then we would go out and still not have a job, but, dominate some basketball with the neighberhood kids.  Whats up now?  Your jump shot ain't so silk now huh???  Then the kid drains a 25 footer in my grillmix.  FACE.

Whatever kid, I can legally drink.

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