Nov 11, 2011

Musical Friday - Memory Journey Edition V.1

ODBF does the vid day mondays, and why the hell not, lets do a Musical Friday...Its the last day of most peoples work week and Dig Dug loves some music, so, here is some music stuff.

First, we were going through our CD collection...remember those?  An actual case full of plastic discs?  Trying to find the third Led Zep album and came across the Sarah McLaclan Surfacing album, and you know what?  Screw you, she rules and this album is great.  Not ashamed to admit that many times we have cranked this while driving around, towing boats, delivering weed, etc.

Two things about this video.  First of all, is she a shape shifter or something, watch this video then google image search for her, its like, two different people.  She is so smoking hot in this video and other times...not so much.  Secondly, what is with that dude poking holes in her dress?  What a douche.

Isn't it weird how you can hear a song..even a song you haven't heard for years and you are transported instantly to a certain time and place?  What is up with that?

The Led Zep album we were searching for whatever reason teleports us directly to 1996 driving to work, down a road covered in leaves, with a lake off the left.  What the hell?  Every damn time!!!  So weird.

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