Nov 3, 2011

More Evidence That We Are Going To Drink

Need this to make bad decisions
There is a new study that has come out detailing how increased drinking, i.e, 6 glasses of wine or so a week, can maybe increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

Previously, it has been known that excessive alcohol use is bad for you, but, if you don't drink alot no one knew quite what the affects, it shows that there may be more of a risk.  Maybe.  This is apparently a big deal, because there was Dr. So and So on the Today show on Wednesday morning saying that boozing is bad....So, for gods sake ladies quit yo dranking.

But, seriously, check this pull quote from the article from
Still, while the increased risk found in this study is real, it is quite small. Women will need to weigh this slight increase in breast cancer risk with the beneficial effects alcohol is known to have on heart heath, said Dr. Wendy Chen, of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Any woman's decision will likely factor in her risk of either disease, Chen said.
No shit Dr. Chen, really?  You have to weigh the decisions you make in life against the potential health risks?  Well, cover me in KY and slide me into a plastic bubble because I am frightened by the potential for minimal health risks.

Oh, wait..hold on...lets read further in this fantastic scientific discovery.
And it's possible that, for some, the benefit of drinking alcohol for the heart outweighs the risks of breast cancer, Narod said. Future research into alcohol's risks and benefits may provide women with more information to make a decision, Narod said.
Narod, by the way, is also a doctor type person who contributed something to this study.  Bunch of masturbatory bitchs. This nonsense has been going on for a long time, especially in concerns to the booze, but, in everything we do.  Eat Vitamin D because its good for your boners....wait, no, don't do that you will get no boners.  Make sure that you have flax seed oil in your omelets because you will be able to get x-ray vision...wait, no, flax seed oil causes you to only hit home runs.

If someone was going to live their lives totally healthy and follow everything a doctor said was healthy at one moment to the next, you would be jumping from one foot to the next every other week and holy christ would that be obnoxious.

We have had a million different fad diets and people saying we should eat this, don't eat that, drink this, don't drink that...etc etc.  God damn man, yo, daddy likes bacon and pizza and beer.  Guess what, I know this shit probably isn't good for me, but, we do eventually die and fuck it I want to enjoy it while I am here.

Thats the take away I get from this whole thing, yeah...We want to be healthy and active and not get heart attacks and ass cancer, so...maybe we won't smoke a pack a day and mainline baked potatoes.

I.e, live in moderation.  More or less, seems to be what any doctor about anything could say about anything.

yo doc, i love hookers, should I ease back on the bacon?
Life is to damn frustrating to live through as it is, dealing with jobs and bills and idiot other drivers and interpersonal relationships and all that.  The last thing that we are going to worry about is, "umm, am I at my limit of wine for the week vs my over all heath based on this scatter plot graph pie diagram????"

Its stupid.  If I want to have a bunch of beers on a Wednesday night and write a silly CRB post, I am going to do may cause headaches on Thursday, but, the hell with makes us feel happy.

If there was a science that came out that stated, you will die if you drink more then 6 natty ice's in a night more then 5 nights in a row you will fucking die immediately...that may change our drinking habits, but, until a dick science.

We want to enjoy our lives and not live in constant fear of immediate health related retribution for our actions when in a year you are going to change you mind and say, "no, go ahead and eat steak every day with salt and meth butter, its good for you"

Way ahead of you doc

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  1. every other day there is some new report that contradicts some other report. wine is good for you, wine is bad for you...crack is bad for you, crack is worse for you, crack is really really bad for you. Come on make up your minds!


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