Nov 8, 2011

Lake Trout Carry Out

Lake Trout Carry Out is what we are currently calling the random link heap/dump/thing/whatever.

John Mommer, of Militia clothing and awesome pics, has joined HO as their new sports marketing director. HO is doing this right, pick a skier to sell to skiers.

Mommer! Stop taking pictures in my bedroom!

Cot Cambell likes to bet big, and so this "master of ceremonies for a waterski team" dropped a 5k bet on a horse and won big.

A group of wakeboarders is about to open the first full size wakeboard park in the western US in Eagle Mountain Utah. Utah is the first??? Whats up now Cali!!??!!

Speaking of cable parks, Danial Grant is 13 years old and rides for Rip Curl. He has been dominating the Rip Curl cable wakeboard and wake skate tour in Asia. And yes, he is 13.

Sticking with wakeboarding, the Pan Am games were held recently in Mexico. Canadian Wakeboarder Aaron Rathy took the silver but has been forced to give it back for testing positive for the banned substance methylhexaneamine. I had no idea what that was so Google teach me!

We often joke about how speed skiing is for crazy people, well Tony van Duerson took the sport up again soon after his daughter broke her neck in a crash. You would think he would have learned his lesson but alas he did not. Sad story.

It just takes one jack ass on a public lake to get ski clubs in trouble. We are contstantly finding stories about show ski clubs or ramps on public lakes running into issues with some cranky lake front home owner who just needs to cause problems. The Muskego Waterbugs show ski team is currently running into a problem like that. A team that brings in large crowds to an unused city park and provides good family entertainment is at risk of losing their ramp due to some jag off that just cant leave well enough alone.
Andy Mapple is selling his house in Orlando $1.65 million. Check it.

And another story of skiers fighting for lake time, this time coming from down under.

And in honor of Micheal Jackson's Doc going to jail, Thriller.

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