Oct 17, 2011

Vid Day Monday

Zack Worden took down a record that many thought was unbreakable. Ryan Fitts jumped 193 off a 5 foot ramp at 32 mph in 1999. This record was set before the "Bebee era" of driving was ended and many argued it was an unbeatable distance due to the drivers helping the skiers. We are not saying Fitts record is not legit, that is just an argument for why his record held for so long. We think it held cuz Fitts' crazy late cutting jumping style is such a great fit for college jump speed.

Well that record is no longer the longest NCWSA jump, Zack Worden went out and topped it with a 194 foot bomb. We can only find the vid on facebook so the jump vid is HERE.

Here is Zack practacing about a month ago at ULM's practice site.

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  1. scooped you!


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