Oct 3, 2011

Vid Day Monday - Sexy Edition

Shakira is awesome.  Its a controversial viewpoint to take and we know that there will be alot of angry tweeting and possibly protests, but, we are strong in our convictions and will stand behind this opinion with all of our might.

With that in mind here is a bit of our propaganda, and hour and half of Shakira's sexy melting your damn computer to the ground.  Just so you are aware, Shakira is closer to 35 then she is to 25.  Do with that info what you will.

If this video isn't enough, Shakira will hump your speaker until you come around to our point of view.

If that isn't enough for you, Shakira has brought some friends...
Jessica Alba will pole dance to convince you!

Not enough eh?  How about this trick ski guy, flipping like crazy to change your mind!


  1. Who wants to see a video of Shakira shaking her grove thang when you could have had a sweet picture of Jeff and I talking about the Wildcard?

    /everyone in the world raises their hand.

  2. good point. how foolish of us


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