Oct 13, 2011

Predicting 2011 Collegiate Nationals pt 3

Sitting here in my office watching the Nationals webcast means absolutely nothing I get paid to do will get done today. Only way this could be better is if I had gotten off my ass and gone down to Bennetts to watch. There are few sites out there as nice or set up as well for a tournament like the NCWSA Nationals. On to Day 3 with Women's Tricks and Men's Jump and the final scores.

Women's Tricks
ULM's women have fallen to FSC in Jump and Slalom, but they will claim the last Women's event of the weekend. In a tight fight for the top 4 positions ULM will edge out Alabama while ULL and Rollins will round out the top 4. FSCs weakness in tricks trops them into 5th with ASU hot on their heels. Cincinnati, San Louis Obisbo and La Crosse have the ability to knock ASU down if they slip up.

ULM 2000
ALA 1935
ULL 1860
ROL 1830
FSC 1490
ASU 1340
CIN 1175
SLO 1135
LAX 1070
OHS 740
UCD 610
TAM 505

After 5 events, with only the jump event to go...

/drum roll

ULM 9865
ULL 9265
FSC 9175
ALA 8815
ROL 7965
ASU 7760
SLO 4935
LAX 4395
OHS 4290
CIN 4150
TAM 3745
UCD 3280

And finally, the final event of the weekend is Men's Jump. This event is intense as the results here can give you a nudge up or down a spot, or can win you nationals...or cost you that big trophy. If the first 5 events go as we think, ULM could have 5 guys jump 90 feet and still win the tournament. But that is not going to happen, instead they are going to have 5 guys jump over 140, 1 guy pushing or over 180. So yes, ULM takes men's jump. Their jump team is so dominant in fact they are going to beat their closest competitor by 200 points. FSC who have been chasing ULM all weekend will take a solid second place with the Tide coming in comfortably in 3rd. Rollins, ASU and ULL will battle it out for 4th with all three teams being very closely matched...or not...ULL only put up 3 jumpers this year..wtf? We may be incorrect about this but it looks like they are skiing short a score. If ULL fields a 4th they will bump up in to competition with FSC and Bama. Ohio State has by far the best jump team of the rest.

ULM 2005
FSC 1795
ALA 1600
ROL 1415
ASU 1410
ULL 1390
OHS 1030
CIN 810
LAX 725
TAM 660
UCD 585
SLO 215

Final Score
ULM just did not put it together last year to win their 914th nationals, but this year they brought the heat and will be adding to their shed of trophies. Seriously, their trophies are all in a shed by their ski site.

ULM 11870
FSC 10970
ULL 10655
ALA 10415
ROL 9380
ASU 9170
OHS 5320
LAX 5150
SLO 5120
CIN 4960
TAM 4405
UCD 3865

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