Oct 12, 2011

Predicting 2011 Collegiate Nationals pt 2

Day 2 of the NCWSA Nationals brings up Men's trick and Women's Jump.

Men's Tricks
All of the talk before the season began was about how dominating the 'Bama trick team was going to be, but with the lack of consistency we are going to make a pick that may not be popular with some people, but the CRB is going to give the gold to ULM. Alabama may have 5 skiers that could ski for any team in the country but they have not put together 4 scores at a single tournament while ULM has. It will be very close though, and ULL could very easily slip into the top spot. Men's Tricks is by far the biggest toss up of any of the events this weekend. ASU could slide in if the teams ahead have an unfortunate fall. FSC and THE Ohio State will battle it out to fill out the 5th spot.

ULM 1930
ALA 1870
ULL 1795
ASU 1760
FSC 1585
OHS 1410
ROL 1205
CIN 1075
LAX 920
TAM 680
UCD 575
SLO 530

Women's Jump
This event shows ULM's Achilles heel, while they will put up 5 respectable scores, at least 3 over 100 feet that will not cut it with this level of competition and will cause them to drop to 3rd if not 4th place. ULL has not been able to top their instate rivals will power past for a solid 2nd. FSC rises to the top again and secures their second event gold. Alabama is right on ULM's heals and could very easily overtake them for 3rd. ASU, Rollins and UC San Louis Obisbo will fight it out for 5th.

FSC 1940
ULL 1855
ULM 1690
ALA 1675
ASU 1405
ROL 1315
SLO 1145
LAX 885
OHS 755
CIN 690
TAM 610
UCD 570

For a list of the school abbreviations click here

Predicted standing after Men's Slalom and Tricks and Women's Slalom and Jump
ULM 7865
FSC 7685
ULL 7340
ALA 6990
ASU 6385
ROL 6135
SLO 3800
OHS 3550
LAX 3325
TAM 3240
CIN 2975
UCD 2670

We ran hundreds of scores, made spreadsheets, consulted those in the know and used the magic 8 ball to get our results. I provide my insight before each list of placements based on our calculations. There is plenty of room for teams to go up and down based on the fact that these teams are now skiing at the same sight with the same conditions and some teams will have skiers that missed a tournament here or there. Midwest teams will most likely place higher then our calculations project due to awful weather at their regional this year.

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