Oct 18, 2011


Darin Shapiro was a solid three eventer and then he jumped ship to the wakeboarding world and dominated for years. And then...wait...this was on ESPN?

WTF ESPN?...or actually WTF national TV Stations?

The CRB has a plan to get back on TV we call it #OccupyESPN. We will use this method to get our 1% sport back in front of the 99% we don't give a shit about...or something like that. Everyone just go to the ESPN offices with your skis and $400,000 RVs and lets show the world that water skiers deserve to have their voice heard. We have been marginalized for way to long, also, we don't want to work at getting back on TV, just put us on there because we deserve this. And the banks need to forgive my boat loan. And the government needs to build a ski lake near my house. And wind...wtf? Seriously, its time for water skiers to stand up for their rights!


  1. wait. they call that a speedball?

  2. Anonymous1:34 PM

    speed ball...can either be a double front flip or the start to a messy night


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Its to Dang Cold!

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