Oct 7, 2011

Lake Trout Carry Out

Women's world records had been pretty stagnent for many years and just in the last few years those records have fallen left and right. Clem, Regina, and Natty have been wrecking things left and right.

This is the correct way to break news to a man.
Sexy Lady: Honey I killed the car and ran over our children.
Man: Oh its ok honey, come here lets go to the bedroom and make more kids.

This guy has one arm and is a better wakeboarder then 99% of the D-bags out there tearing up my lake when I am trying to ski.

I hate seeing people jumping right away to blaming skiers for tearing up shorelines. Wind waves can be much worse, so can the weekend wallys racing around in their Bayliners and Glastrons.

Hank Longo set a new mens 6 jump record recently. But is it really jumping out of someones shadow if they are injured? Kinda just taking advantage of not having your top competitor around.

LegoLand bought Cypress Gardens after it closed down a couple years ago. It is opening up this next week again and thankfully they have kept the iconic ski shows as part of the park. Here is another vid of the show practice, not much real skiing here.

Cable park built in a neigborhood where living there gets you rights to use the park. Now that is a cool idea.

South American countries often have much more lax laws regulating what TV shows can show you, but in Argentinas version of Dancing With the Stars it seems there are no rules at all. Naked dancing...Yes Please!

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