Oct 21, 2011

Lake Trout Carry Out - Weekend Edition

Been a fun week in the waterski world, and by extension at CRB HQ.  So fun, in fact, that the pretty Brazilian soccer fan has taken up fandom of the CRB and, apparently, enjoys standing in some field somewhere.

And, dang thats a cool flag.

Note: we did try to chronicle all the places that the Kyle and Tony show video ended up, link, and this little exercise proved to be both exhausting and futile.  Its fascinating to see how something goes "viral" and ends up in various places.  It would be a very interesting if someone or some organization could track things like this, organically.

Not trying to make a "viral" video and track it, but, have something like Kyle's wipeout which people picked up on and track that.  Then again, the more you really explore things on the internet, the more weird places you end up.

Did learn a new use for a broom handle!  So that was nice!

Also, its almost halloween.  Everyone is invited to the CRB halloween party at HQ.  We will have the cooler there and, since we went to sams club last week, a ass ton of cheeze its.

Brief aside, Elmore Leonard, the dude behind the awesome tv show Justified and a bunch of good movies...and the tv show Karen Cisco, which had Carla Gugino is 86 years old.  He is getting divorced.  86 years old and getting divorced.  Thats crazy, hopefully its on account of both him and his wife having crazy affairs with much younger people because that would give us all hope that getting old doesn't mean you can't still be fun and have sex all the time.  Of course, he got married (we think) at 68, so, he made it almost 20 years.  Good work Elmore, go get a taco.

Below are some links to various random articles, some interesting some stupid.  You Decide!!  Hey, lets go out and purchase a small fishing boat with a 25 horsepower motor and drive it!


  • Week two of Waterski Daily, now with a fun theme song (porn based).   (CRB)
  • Live in Rochester, MN?  Good, here are some things to do this weekend!   (Post Bulletin)

  • ULM Won Collegiate Nationals for the 23rd time.  Hey guys, quit warehousing all the trophies!!   (News Star)

  • Seriously, ski racing is g-d insane.  If it please the court, we would like to introduce three articles into evidence, marked 23, 24 and 25, proving this sport is awesome and crazy.  (link 1) (link 2) (link 3)

  • Taylor Woosley, whose parents are Kris Lapointe and Jennifer Leachman, is surprisingly a really good skier.  You have an unfair advantage girl!  (Orlando Sentinel)  Also, nice boots.  (HO Sports)

  • Still don't think that waterskiing or wakeboarding, in its current form, will ever be in the Olympics, but, hey!  ULM won Nationals and here is a USOC page saying so.  (USOC Press Box)

  • Remember our old buddy Steve Locke?  Former head of USA Waterski and guy who spoke with glowing praise of CRB...and also broke our hearts?  Well, he still heads up USA Field Hockey and the women's national team just beat Chile 2-1.  Suck on that Chile!  USA USA USA

  • Jennifer Morrison, is awfully attractive.  Warming glow does not like her new show, but, that hardly matters, Gossip Girl has been on TV for years and its horrible.  (Warming Glow)

  • Drinking and excercise, Olivia Munn is brilliant.  A mensch even!  (Time of India)

  • One of my weaknesses, other then extraordinary love making skills, is that I don't know much about finance, or accounting...honestly, I am pretty bad with money.  Regardless, moving 50 some trillion dollars in derivatives to the depositors side seems like a real bad idea.  (NY Post)

  • Cool swimming pools bro.  Unrelated note: really need a vacation.  To any of these places.  Immediately.  (CNNgo)

Finally!! A view from the other shoreline as Zach kills it...and wow, I could watch this over and over. Its so awesome.  Long time ago at a ski school saw jumping from this angle and have been saying it since, this view is the best.

Minor quibble, don't zoom in on Zach while he is in the air, you lose a bit of sense of speed and flight.  Oh, la de da you ungrateful ass.  You are right, just be thankful.  

Hey!  Lets go have some beer and make poor decisions!!

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