Oct 27, 2011

Granola, Tuna and PBJ

Our girl Alex Lauretano wrote a little piece for a blog, Girls for Sport...or G4S, talking about her travel habits, diet and how she tries to keep the proper mindset during her jet setting life.

First of all, lets get one thing straight G4S, you are treading dangerously close to CRB territory, we have allready made an acronym out of our name and that is virgin territory, fresh powder in the blog land if you will, acronym nonsense is our game.

Second, Alex mentions that she has over 69,000 miles flown this year already.  That is god damn insane.  Not to mention a bit juvenile, because 69...lolololol.

Maybe those of us who watch from the sidelines and cheer people and whatever don't quite understand some of the rigors that the real good skiers go through, sure, we all pack up our cars and head out to a weekend tournament to knock out a whirlybird and/or fall on a 28 off pass after shot gunning a beer because someone said we would be a pussy not to or something, but, the real good ones travel alot more then, maybe, we think about.

Now, with this travel thing in mind...Alex mentions that she packs her own food.  Which, on its surface may seem a bit strange, but, it makes sense when you are a globe trotting pro skier AND member of GTF (hard to say GTF and not think DTF...but thats just us) and bringing along some food that you are comfortable with makes sense, shoot....when CRB travels we pack up some Old Crow whiskey and three boxes of cheeze its...and thats just going across state lines.  From her post.
So to say the least, I try to come prepared and travel with food in my suitcase, just in case. Even when traveling in the US or Europe, the food is sometimes just different from what I’m use to and changing my diet up a lot is not something I like to do right before competing. Granola bars, tuna, and peanut butter and jelly supplies haven’t failed me yet!
No mention of coffee and taco cats??  Keanu is going to be so sad.

Keanu, you poop INSIDE the porta potty!
Unfortunately, not much in her piece applies to the majority of the CRB, as it deals with being in shape and having a healthy lifestyle and correct mental out look, and most of us tend to shade towards the chemical enhancement to fix whatever ails us.

btw, check out the picture in the article, its Alex on the platform...like her mastercraft magazine ad, maybe she just likes hanging out in the back of the boat...yo girl, come sit up front or not, no pressure...but we wonder if she wrote this post there as well.  Lets see.

Wifi on the lake is wicked fast

omg omg omg omg omg, the new waterproof macbook pro. Jealous!

**Update - where we don't mess up alex's legs and ss fat guy comes by to check out the situation**


  1. that lappy is so light it floats in the air!! I want it now! of course i would forget it floats and it would be stuck on the ceiling of the CRB mansion after the first day i had it

  2. not real happy with that photoshop, butchered poor alex's legs.


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