Oct 3, 2011

Diesel Ski Boats Question Mark

Sweet stack bro!
Boats run on gas.  To ski you need your boat running. The more you ski the more you need your boat to run, which, means you have to have more gas.

This means, its expensive to ski if you like to ski behind a boat that is running.  Science!

One of the less expensive / efficient options that one could presumably use to power a boat instead of regular gas would be the Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future, but, that technology may be a few years away yet from making it a practical application at your moms house.

However, another possibly viable solution would be utilizing diesel engines in regular ski boats.

Now, an inherent issue with a diesel motor is the somewhat limited rev range and ski boats don't tend to utlize gears.

SO!  This makes applying a diesel motor to a regular ski boat a tough task.  This does not mean that it won't and or couldn't be a solution in the future, and if you have driven a new diesel car, like a BMW or VW, you know that these are bad ass vehicles with hella torque, are quiet and drive awesome.

Maybe Mercury Marine is thinking along these lines by adding some diesel action.  Please explain further mr. blockquote, from trade only today.

Mercury Marine announced it will assume future responsibility for worldwide sales, service, distribution and support of the Cummins MerCruiser Diesel range of high-speed diesel marine engine systems (less than five-liter displacement), including the TDI/SDI ranges of Volkswagen engines.  
The transition of responsibilities from CMD to Mercury Marine has begun and is anticipated to continue into next year, the company said.  
“This move enables us to leverage Mercury’s extensive global sales, service and distribution channels to more effectively serve our customers,” Mercury Marine president Mark Schwabero said in a statement. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with Cummins.”
Sure, we are just hoping and/or speculating that this technology makes it way into ski boats, if for no other reason then it maybe will inspire all those who have routed the big semi smoke stacks through the bed of their trucks to buy a ski boat.

That would be fantastic, two big smokes stacks sticking up out of where the rear seat in the boat should be shooting huge plumes of black smoke up while Eddie in his sweet cut off jean shorts is tearing it up on the skurfer.

"Squeal like a pig as I do this whirlybird, boy" He was heard saying before bitching about his smokes getting wet.

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