Oct 28, 2011

Are We Not Talking Enough About Zachk's Jump Question Mark

It is quite possible that we haven't heard about it more or looked in the right places, but, normally, we are fairly average at keeping up with the peoples chatter about waterski events, and, we sort of think that there hasn't been enough made of Zack's record breaking jump from collegiate nationals.

194 feet off a 5, it is so awesome. Zack is one of the skiers we have been able to see in person and dude is good as hell, but, sheesh, the physics of getting that distance at that speed off that jump height is crazy. That jump is a stomp and stands on its on. As waterskiers, sure, we all tend to get bogged down in gossip and nonsense, but, give credit where its due and that jump is bitchin.

As an overall sport, waterskiing, it tends to lead to fractured reporting somewhat in that we don't always know what, where...how, why something is happening.  See our post from earlier about Alex about travel.

Once we finally start getting info, digesting, something else happens that is sanctioned by some other governing body and...its virtually impossible to track down a comprehensive list of scores or know what went on or why x happened while y went on.  Look, its great to hear, "Freddy crushed another one" or "Regina is crazy good", but, we already know that.  Its almost like our sport makes you work extra hard to be a fan.  You wouldn't fire up your computer at work on Monday and see, "Tom Brady won the pan-am football game" and wonder what the hell happened would you?

Anyways, point is, its almost as if this performance has fallen by the wayside, when it should be celebrated.  Hopefully Waterski Magazine or whatever the hell else is out there put this, or Poochies on the cover.  Yo, another article about entry gates in slalom or pre-turn or whatever...probably isn't necessary.

Just give our boy some love, tremendous feats happen on the reg around our sport but, it shouldn't be taken for granted, we are just in such a great time of great skiers that things need to be celebrated more.

Right Bill??

you know Bill is 'feenin' for more info

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