Sep 9, 2011

You Have Too Much GD Money

any douche in the world could say something stupid like, "that guys rules" or "whatever hater" or other such crap.


Lets be real. Dude probably has a fake Cobra, in the basement of his house and decides to do some donuts around a pole. Thats the extent of it.

You sir, probably have more money then the CRB...not much...but more then we do. However, we are smarter than you are, we do not waste our money on idiotic investments like you do. Oh! Shit just got real, didn't it?

No, our shit is in the market, in bonds, in angel investment opportunities, etc etc. These offices don't pay for themselves and we don't waste our resources on foolish nonsense (CRB cooler not withstanding). No, we plan on being wealthy as FUCK in a few years, so we will be not wasting our resources on foolish items like a fake cobra.

Play the game son, and play it right.


  1. The "too" in your title has two "o"s.

    The more you know!


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