Sep 12, 2011

Vid Day Monday

We went out to the Global invitational back in July and saw this kid run 5.5@41 after driving all morning, hoping out of his car and putting his ski on. He is a freak of nature and we are amazed he has not tied or beaten the record yet. If Nate stays healthy and keeps training he will be a power for years in this sport.

The end of this clip is great, just skis up next to the boat all "Hey guys! How you doin'?"

Thanks to Tony Lightfoot for this vid


  1. is black and white the new Slo mo?

    btw. kid needs a nick name.

    nate smith...initials ns. sort of like nas. illmatic.

    Boom, nickname. Nate Illmatic Smith.

  2. that works.

    Nate Illmatic Smith is crazy good.

    man you hear what Illmatic did today? tore that course up bitchez!!

    yep this will work

  3. What if his middle name is Otto? Then his initials would be NOS, like the nitrous oxide system in the cars in Fast and the Furious.

    Plus he accelerates out of the turn like he's got some NOS in his jacket.

    "Man did you hear what NOS did today? He came out of 4 ball at 41 with smoke coming off his ski!"


    PS - Can't wait for Fast and Furious 11 - where they are racing rascal scooters.

  4. hmmmm, not that is a good one as well. Maybe we should find out what his middle name is.

    What are the chances his middle name actually is Otto? Nate Otto Smith?

    Nate and Smith are both boring names, so im thinking with the kind of Originality that went into his name I am thinking we are looking at something like Nate Earl Smith.

    NES...Nate accelerates like Ronnie Lott did in Techmo Bowl.


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