Sep 19, 2011

New Womens WR in Tricks

Story out of Florida is that Clem has broke the World Record in tricks and broken the 10,000 point mark. The first women to break 10k points. The last couple years have seen some giant strides in the womens trick event, Larson held the record for years and it always seemed just a step out of everyones reach, once it fell it has been topped multiple times, most recently by Natalia Birdnakava and Clem.

This vid of Clementine Lucine is not the new record, this was posted early in the summer but since we cant find vid of the new record this will have to do. Once those lazy French quit surrendering and post the vid we will put it up. Of course this was done at Pickos ski school so no idea why it is the responsibility of the French to post this, but...whatever, they are an easy target.

Also the Overall record fell with scores of 5.5@38 off, 163' jump and 10040 points in tricks. Clem just keeps getting better, expect many more records from this girls career. You can also expect us to post more pics of her in a bikini cuz she has a wicked body. Our sport rules.

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