Sep 27, 2011

Lauryn Eagle is Awesome

Not you, not you, and not you
Have you ever had an Irish Car Bomb?  The Shot? For those who don't know, its a shot where you mix (basically) Guiness, Baileys and Jameson.  Here, explain.
Add the Bailey's and Jameson to a shot glass, layering the Bailey's on the bottom. Pour the Guinness into a pint glass or beer mug 3/4 of the way full and let settle. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug. If you don't drink it fast enough it will curdle and increasingly taste worse.
Right? Sounds pretty weird, the ingredient by themselves are, in order,

1) Jameson - Delicious
2) Guiness - Decent
3) Bailey's - No thanks

This is basically Lauryn Eagle.  She is an Irish Car Bomb.  She Ski Races, she Boxes and she is hot.  So...

1) Hot - Delicious
2) Ski Racing - Decent
3) Boxing - No thanks

The other weekend at the World Titles in Australia Lauryn, we guess, took a break from kicking other girls ass's directly into the ground to go out and race around at a billion miles an hour behind a crazy boat in order to win many many plates of bbq chicken nachos.  Delicious with sliced jalepenos!

(Don't forget sour cream and guacamole!  And your AP Style book!  Cha Cha!!)

I am going to assume you are going to write nice things about me, I would hate to murder you with my fists

Unfortunately things did not go so well for her as she wiped out like crazy.  Of note, we would love to link to, and/or copy paste the results, but, shit is really hard to decipher.  Are they skiing in teams? Gah.

From best we can decern, they have four heat races which accumulate into your final score, those with the highest points win!  How you accumulate points in a speed race?  Beats me!!!

In the Open Women category - tee hee - Lauryn took seventh overall, failing to get points in race two and four, totaling 1677.77, with Katelin Wendt taking first with 3984.05.

Katelin, btw, also has a second life, a mysterious past even and is hired to go to seedy, rowdy bars and take over as the bouncer and whip it into shape while also bringing down evil people, doing weird karate and smoking.  (link to a real interview)

Its French!  Pronounced moo-lei!  I will five-finger death punch you!
Not really, but she may actually punch you in the face.  The five finger death punch?  Thats more of a bitchin band, actually.

At CRB HQ we really really tried to watch the web cast of the event, honestly we did, but, it was spotty (it went in and out)...(hahaha, yeah it did), and it was our one night away from our kids so we had to go out to Chili's for some mega-extreme shrimp poppers and a vodka cranberry, so we missed it.

Waterski Mag even went out of their way to retweet the links and everything for the event, and it did really stoke our interest.  Waterski Racing is a tough ass sport to get behind (lol, thats what she said), because its hard to understand the point.

Granted, all sports are that way, but, the concept of strapping someone to a mega-fast boat and racing in circles seems, how do we say this....nuts??  Crazy??  Bonkers??  No...none of those work.

Odd.  Yeah, thats the right word.  Odd.  Odd is the proper descriptive term for this sport.  We do not hold anything against anyone who does this (unless you are lucky) but it just seems odd.  We have said for awhile now that we want to know more.

Never the less, to our eyes and ears Lauryn appears to be the face of this sport, maybe?  maybe not, we don't know, we dont know enough about anything to make that distiction, but, she has graced our pages before so, why not?

In all honesty, there is so much that we have to learn about this aspect of the sport, this niche part that, what the hell, maybe this is the best place to start.

Maybe we can twitter ourselves some Lauryn and do our first CR-binterview and ask her why, what, who, how and WTF about her 1/2 of chosen sports.

Untill then, take a peek at her wiping out and know that, yes, we have all fallen really hard jumping, or barefooting or trick sking or whatever, but, we doubt anything as epic as this.


She's Got Some Ticker This Girl!!

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